Bitcoin’s Philly Roots

Hardly the most interesting part of this story about the man behind Bitcoin {Newsweek}, but the one with a surprising link to my home town/states:

[Bitcoin inventor] Nakamoto has six children. The first, a son from his first marriage in the 1980’s, is Eric Nakamoto, an animation and 3-D graphics designer in Philadelphia. His next five children were with his second wife, Grace Mitchell, 56, who lives in Audubon, N.J., and says she met Nakamoto at a Unitarian church mixer in Cherry Hill, N.J., in the mid-1980s. She recalls he came to the East Coast after leaving Hughes Aircraft, now part of Raytheon, in his 20s and next worked for Radio Corporation of America in Camden, N.J., as a systems engineer.

Via fellow-Philadelphian John Gruber.

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