BOY {New Music}


Photo by Steffen Löwe; used under the Creative Commons.

Hardest band to find on the internet, ever?

Query 1: “boy band”; search engine: google; result: not relevant.

Query 2: “boy band”; search engine: duck duck go; result: closer.

Query 3: “boy the band”; search engine: google; result: see #1.

Query 4: “boy band”; website: wikipedia; result: success!

BOY {wikipedia} is a duo of Swiss and German components, respectively.

I found them via the enviable NPR program All Songs Considered.

They played the song “Little Numbers” for you, with host Robin Hilton remarking that none of their songs seem to “take off”:

There’s nothing particularly experimental or super-challenging about the music these two women make. But it’s just so addictive, and the more I got into their new record, the more I loved it.

While I see what he was saying—I also agree with his conclusion. Just listen and relax, man.

With all of those disclaimers out of the way, now I’m going to play “Oh Boy” for you.

So that’ll look like this:

Boy — “Oh Boy” {mp3}

From the 2013 release, Mutual Friends {spotify}.

If you like Boy, I think you’ll also like Hospitality.