Long/ Live/ Stephen Colbert

This is article is this-blog meta and Colbert-meta. Meta^2.

Colbert is not against scoring a political point or two, but the focus is always the comedy and the performance. Colbert has spoken about wearing his “Stephen Colbert character” “as lightly as a cap;” “you can take them on and off as you need.” When the cap came off, as it increasingly did, you saw the real Colbert. This lightness led to less heavy-handed statements and more quiet, lovely little moments, while still allowing for plenty of the show’s signature “we’re all in on the meta-joke” moments. (It was perfect that President Obama’s only live appearance on the show had him speaking as Colbert’s character—a President playing a person playing a fake character—and we all got it.)

Stephen Colbert Is Dead. Long Live Stephen Colbert {bloomberg}.

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tilly & the wall {music}

Omaha-based profanity-loving Tilly & the Wall has a new record out, and it’s way more upbeat and danceable than their previous efforts. I’m into it.

Tilly & the Wall — “Heavy Mood” {aac}.


On a related note: this Fresh Air interview with Stephen Colbert has really gotten me into Ben Folds again this week…

Stephen Colbert was outside my window, sort of

I wrote about a Philadelphia man who started foreclosure procedures on the downtown offices of Wells Fargo back in February. Five months has passed, and Stephen Colbert has picked up the story. Stephen, thank you for reading.

As a further nod to this blog, the Colbert Report segment that aired on Tuesday has a scene that was shot on my block:

And here’s the clip:

Old People Are From Mars

Stephen Colbert has an idea on how to reduce the federal deficit: send the elderly to Mars. Getting them off Earth and on “Red Springs” will reduce the cost of Medicare and Social Security, and features a climate and terrain similar to Arizona.

Stephen begins the clip by explaining how a one-way trip to Mars would save 80%, but isn’t recommended for people of child bearing age.

Check out the full clip here.