From the Dept. of Losing Big Things in Public Places

This is so cool.

To see where they left their bike, they can look at the map on their smartphone. Pingbell uses Bluetooth Smart to let them know if they’re getting closer or not. They can ping the bell remotely if they still can’t find their bike, and it will ring itself. The sound is rich and full rather than an electronic beep, as it is made of brass so the noise is loud and crisp. Pingbell also functions as a conventional bell if you want to ring it while cycling along, and if you don’t want it to make a noise, it can blink a light at you instead to signal its location.

The Lost &… Never Lost

Tile is a little fob that communicates its location with an iPhone to help you remember where you put your stuff.

Just attach it to your keys or bag or something and it remembers where you put it last. If you’re within 100 feet or so, you can narrow it down to that pile of clothes and pull your wallet out from underneath.

I’m thinking I’d get one and just leave it in my car and it would always remember where I park. (Yes, that’s a different spot every day.)

My two concerns are:

  • What when/if their cloud system gets hacked and
  • It only lasts a year. Yes they recycle, but yes the “introductory” price is $18. I don’t want to get locked into an annual expense just because I can’t keep track of my stuff correctly.

Via {daring fireball}.

Interactive Animal Illustrations for the iPhone

Cool new iPhone app, Petting Zoo, from one of my favorite illustrators, Christoph Niemann.

In a post on The New Yorker Culture Desk, Niemann describes the process of making the app, and of the creative process at large:

That’s the hardest part: letting go of an idea that, having spent a number of passionate nights with, you have fallen in love with. Even with a certain amount of routine, this letting go sadly doesn’t become easier. The natural instinct then is to rely on what you know is working. It’s unfair, but this is the surest path to boring and predictable results.

Via {daring fireball}.

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