The Fine Print

Fascinating interview with author David Cay Johnston on Fresh Air about how companies pile on extra costs & fees (duh)—but leaving us with higher bills and worse service.

We’re way behind countries like Lithuania, Ukraine, and Moldavia in the speed of our Internet. Per bit of information moved, we pay 38 times what the Japanese pay. If you buy one of these triple-play packages that are heavily advertised, where you get Internet, telephone and cable TV together, typically you’ll pay what I pay, about $160 a month, including fees.

Well, the same service in France is $38 a month, that is 25 cents on the dollars. And instead of two-country calling, you get worldwide calling to 70 countries. You get an Internet that is 10 times faster uploading – downloading and 20 times faster uploading.

And as announced earlier this month, this disparity is only getting worse {daily tech}.