Cous! Cous!

I have an amazing recipe for couscous! I borrowed it completely from the always yummy shutterbean. The ingredients are inexpensive, it’s easy to make and keeps well as a leftover. It travels well too — great for packing for lunch!

There are a couple of things I do differently; I chop the onions and keep them in a separate container rather than tossing it in with the rest of the ingredients, otherwise they over power everything else.

First you gotta cook the couscous. I use a tri-color blend, with spinach, tomato and something else. I get it at the Reading Terminal but I’ve seen it in other stores. Cook according to directions on the jar.




Chop a red onion:




Drain & rinse a can of chickpeas:



Next I drop in a bunch of cherry tomatoes and a pack of feta (both from Trader Joe’s):


I drop in a whole jar of sun-dried tomatoes, too:



Next I drop in a bunch of basil, pepper and squeeze half a lemon over the whole thing. Dig in!

Thanks again shutterbean!