The 72-hour bus ride for wannabe startup founders


I really enjoyed a recent 5-part series of Gimlet’s Startup podcast which covered StartupBus, a “hackathon on wheels, where a bunch of strangers come together to launch companies in one week, all while on a bus.”

They covered some cool projects (that are now real businesses), and you got to hear the teams debate the merits of their ideas in real-time.

Some of the businesses that launched on StartupBus:

  • Daisy, a digital service that helps you deal with funeral logistics.
  • Phishly, a service that helps businesses fight malicious email hacks.
  • DropIn Pedals, which makes an “adapter that transforms clipless pedals into flat pedals for easy use with casual shoes.” (Note: This company doesn’t have a web presence so who knows what’s going on with this project).

Listen to the series (parts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5) then check out my list of my podcast recommendations.

Image courtesy Flickr/Julia Buchner. Used under Creative Commons.

Marc Hummel Is Making the Grade

Pub: South Philly Review

Date: June 2010

Abstract: An article about Marc Hummel’s bicycle apparel company, bminus.


It was more of like we liked making projects together, there was a lot of creative energy there. We were having fun doing it and we wanted to be distracted from our schoolwork, and it was kind of good distraction for us,” Hummel said of his collaboration with Cipolla. [‘b minus’] was something to devote our time to, on accident, but something else would have happened anyway.

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Marc Hummel

Philadelphia Designer Marc Hummel Peddles Cycle-Centric Gear

Pub: The Examiner.

Date: June 2010.

Abstract: An article about bminus, Marc Hummel’s apparel company.


Writing is the best way to express yourself,” the 25-year-old Hummel says. “I like seeing what the kids can do. It’s powerful. I know that the writing skills in our city aren’t very good, so it lifts me up when I see the kids working on their projects and accomplishing something.”

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Marc Hummel