Please Don’t Use This Site on This Site

A yet-to-be-released browser plugin created by MIT researcher and fellow east PA-er Dan Schultz promises to do for the web what Fox News will never do for its on-air hosts.

Pants on fire fox?

From NPR:

CORNISH: Of course, the joke about beer goggles is they make people or potential dates look more attractive then they really are. Schultz’s Truth Goggles are meant to do the opposite. With this software, your potential [presidential] candidate might not look so hot anymore, once the program has searched and flagged their statements as dubious. Then it would link you to the research of fact-checking websites like PolitiFact.

SCHULTZ: The inspiration behind this project goes back to my freshman year, when I took a course about “The War of the Worlds” broadcast that happened in – I think it was 1938.

SCHULTZ: I would like to help keep people from believing that aliens are invading the planet. I want to use this tool to trigger their critical abilities, to get them to think a little bit harder about what they are seeing.