Stephen Colbert was outside my window, sort of

I wrote about a Philadelphia man who started foreclosure procedures on the downtown offices of Wells Fargo back in February. Five months has passed, and Stephen Colbert has picked up the story. Stephen, thank you for reading.

As a further nod to this blog, the Colbert Report segment that aired on Tuesday has a scene that was shot on my block:

And here’s the clip:

Awesome Loophole: Man forecloses on Wells Fargo’s Philadelphia office

After Patrick Rodgers got no reply to three letters asking why he was being forced to pay a home insurance premium for a $1 million house when he bought his 3-story Victorian home for $180,000, he decided to force his mortgage company to pay attention, ABC News reported. …

Rodgers won a $1,173 judgment against the bank, and when they still failed to reply to his letters, he started foreclosure proceedings.

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