Philly bike racer iPhone game

First a documentary television series about bike messengers, now an iPhone game?

Hipster City Cycle {newsworks} is a soon-to-be released urban bike racing game, set in Philadelphia. Among the interesting features is the use of the phone’s built-in accelerometer, which enables the player to physically tilt the iPhone to stay balanced on the bike.

Here’s the intro video:

Trying to slow down

I love riding fast. The thill of weaving in-between cars, buses, people and taxis is a rush I’m no less than addicted to. I obey (most) of the rules of the road, and always scan an approaching intersection for pedestrians and other moving items to which I must yield.

But sometimes I wish I could slow down, and enjoy the scenery a little more. It seems an easy enough task: give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination and ride slow.

But then I hit Spruce street and the allure of hitting all the green lights by cruising at 18 to 20 mph becomes too strong a temptation to ignore.

So I’m replacing the green light game with another. On every ride I take for the next few weeks (maybe longer), I’m going to find at least one item to photograph or draw. This will get me to leave earlier, slow down, and see the city with a renewed appreciation.

Here’s what I came across today.