Vitamin Duh

vitamin d visualization from information is beautiful

© David McCandless

I made a promise to myself this Fall to try and avoid seasonal depression. The winter blues aren’t too serious for me, but they do limit my motivation! I get a burst of creativity and productivity as soon as the warm April weather comes around again.

There are lots of explanations for it including shorter days, less exercise and time spent outside and my penchant for mellow music and muted colors during the winter months.

One of my resolutions is to get more vitamin D since the sun won’t be shining as much, and which research has suggested can improve mood. I picked up a supplement from Trader Joe’s — a tiny gel capsule with 1,000 IUs (250% daily value) in it.

I’m not sure if I can accurately attribute a better mood to a little vitamin D, but I suppose it can’t hurt to try. For more about the benefits of the vitamin, how much we need everyday and how we get it, check out this visual essay from information is beautiful.