Top 10 New Albums of 2012

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  1. 1. Shearwater — “Animal Joy”
  2. 2. Sun Airway — “Soft Fall”
  3. 3. Wild Nothing — “Nocturne”
  4. 4. Beach House — “Bloom” {mp3: “lazuli”}
  5. 5. Cat Power —”Sun” {mp3: “ruin”}
  6. 6. Bad Books — “II”
  7. 7. Hospitality — “Hospitality”
  8. 8. Sea Wolf — “Old World Romance”
  9. 9. Divine Fits — “A Thing Called Divine Fits”
  10. 10. Now, Now — “Threads”

Runners up: Kishi Bashi, Father John Misty, Sun Kil Moon, The Shins, Tallest Man on Earth.

See also: My Top 10 New Albums of 2010. (Sorry, 2011.)

Tycho, Maps & Atlases, Hospitality {New Music}

So much new music lately!

This song sounds a bit like the closing credits to a spacey sci-fi flick, but I dig it anyway.

Tycho — “A Walk” {aac file}. From “Dive” {amazon}.


Lead-singer Dave Davison’s vocals have really grown into the offbeat sound of Maps & Atlases’ previous albums. A little dancy, a little quirky… so good.

Maps & Atlases — “Silver Self” {aac file}. From “Beware And Be Grateful” {amazon}.


Lovin’ the vintage, upbeat sound of Brooklyn-based band Hospitality.

Hospitality — “Betty Wang” {aac file}. From “Hospitality” {amazon}.