How to Pick the Perfect Park Bench

  1. 1. Assess the weather. Determine optimal Shade Level (direct sun, under the cover of a tree or a mix of both). Note: Shade Level subject to change with or without warning.
  2. 2. Begin walk around perimeter of park, traveling clockwise if possible. Walk slow enough to enable a complete and accurate assessment of Bench Candidates, but fast enough to avoid appearing Creepy. It’s a fine line.
  3. 3. When approaching Bench Candidate with desired Shade Level, make your final choice based on the following Hazards & Annoyances: mysterious or unexplained puddles, cell phone users, homeless persons, bird feces and proximity to trash receptacles, pets and/or children.
  4. 4. When final Bench Candidate is identified, make haste to claim your bench. Do not break eye contact with Bench Candidate.
  5. Helpful notes & tips: Bench Candidates near minor thoroughfares are preferable to main arteries. Bench Candidates near fountains provide pleasing ambient noise but may attract unwanted neighbors, namely small children, their parents and teenagers.

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