My DIY iPod case

When I got a shiny new iPod touch as a graduation gift this past summer, I was eager to find a case that would spare it from my clumsiness.

I wanted a case that:
• enclosed the iPod fully (i.e. no cut-out space for the screen) so I could toss it in my bag and not worry about smashing the screen.
• offered heavy duty protection.
• looked good. not one of those weird gummy cases or hard plastic ones.

My solution: hollow out a book! Here’s how I did it (for free).


I got a book for free outside of the best thrift store in the city: Philly Aids Thrift.

I think it's a book from the Jehovah's Witnesses

Scary stuff!

First, I traced an outline of the iPod with a pen, and cut around that outline with an Olfa blade (kind of like an Xacto mixed with a utility knife). Then I flipped to the next page, traced the iPod again, sliced, and repeated.

Here's the space I made.

It took a while, but I eventually got a space that holds the iPod just right.

It also functions as a theft-deterrent, since no one would suspect a shiny little computer inside of the book!