“A Read Down Memory Lane”

As a big journaler and keeper of correspondences, I really enjoyed this interview with author Jim Sollisch on Talk of the Nation┬áreminiscing about finding old writings long after you’ve written them:

…I found a speech I’d given in ninth grade, and it was typed on my mother’s typewriter. And somehow, I’d gotten myself elected president of my ninth grade class. My friends must have voted a bunch of times because I was not sort of the class president type. But what was cool was that you got to give a speech at graduation, and so I was excited about that. I channeled my inner Martin Luther King and I wrote this really passionate speech and the deal was you had to review it with the principal a couple of days before graduation. So I go in and I kind of give it my best read, and she does not like the speech.

Apparently it is too – it’s not uplifting enough. And she said, you know, we have kind of a format here. You know, you have to thank a teacher in particular and then the whole teacher and say something to the student body and – so I argued with her and, you know, I lost the argument. So I rewrote the speech. She said you got to rewrite the speech. So I rewrote the speech, came in the next day, read it to her. It was kind of what she wanted. She liked it. And on graduation day I took the podium and I read the original speech.