A Book About Twee?

Yes, and it’s by Marc Spitz. In the book, set to be released early this summer, Spitz…

…explores the first great cultural movement since Hip Hop: an old-fashioned and yet highly modern aesthetic that’s embraced internationally by teens, twenty and thirty-somethings and even some Baby Boomers; creating hybrid generation known as Twee. Via exclusive interviews and years of research, Spitz traces Generation Twee’s roots from the Post War 50s to its dominance in popular culture today.

The “New Books Similar to This One” panel is my favorite part of the synopsis.

Full disclosure: I count the Lucksmiths and Go-Betweens as two of my all-time favorite bands; I enjoy the music of Belle & Sebastian in moderation; I watch Portlandia; listen to the Smiths from time to time; I usually see the latest Wes Anderson film in theaters shortly after its debut; and I often make time for a full episode of This American LifeI do not, however, consider Nirvana “twee.”

Found via {salon}.

Best Band Ever: The Lucksmiths

The Lucksmiths broke up over a year ago, but their clever lyrics and Australian accents only get better as time moves on.

If you haven’t listened to them in awhile or if you think you need to give them a second chance, this is the post for you: the first and last songs they ever recorded, plus a bonus track from my favorite album in the middle. Enjoy.

The Lucksmiths — “Cliched Title For Kris”
{First Tape: 1993)

The Lucksmiths — “Sunlight in a Jar”
{Warmer Corners: 2005}

The Lucksmiths — “The World of Professional Golf 1994”
{Get-to-Bed Birds: 2010}