Mimicking Birds {new music}

Mimicking Birds

The latest album from Portland’s Mimicking Birds, Eons {spotify}, is an album that takes some time to fully comprehend and appreciate.

Sure, you’ll be intrigued by the lazy wandering feel of the opening track, “Memorabilia.” The persistent bass line of the third track, “Owl Hoots,” will certainly keep your interest. You’ll be captivated by the fifth song, “Bloodlines,” which as NPR’s Steven Thompson says, is “constantly in motion”.

And if the album has a single, I suppose that would be it. But Eons is an album that’s not designed for fragmented listening. You have to experience the entire album, from start to finish, to truly appreciate all the intricate textures, persistent momentum, and subtle layers.

That said, here’s one of my favorite songs. I love how the melody drops off repeatedly, leaving room for a new one to rise up in its absence.

Mimicking Birds — “Wormholes” {mp3}

Via {all songs considered}.

Photo via Inger Klekacz {flickr}