Long/ Live/ the sound of extinct objects

Phones today beep and buzz. MP3s don’t scratch. Noises that were once familiar, such as the clacking of manual typewriter keys or the ding of the gas station driveway bell, have all but vanished. Kara Kovalchik of MentalFloss.com shares these and other sounds your kids have probably never heard.

Worth a listen just for the sound of a photograph being dispensed from a Polaroid camera, or the click of the dial on a rotary phone.

From A Broken Record, and Other Sounds Kids Don’t Know {talk of the nation} and 11 sounds your kids have probably never heard {mental floss}.

I have my doubts that Television Nostalgia is a real thing

Not sayin’ I won’t watch, but I do think the term “nostalgia” should have some limits.

Without further ado:

Look alive Kenan and Kel fans, the TeenNick cable network is bringing back favorites from the 1990s to the airwaves beginning Monday.

TeenNick, one of many networks under the Nickelodeon brand name, will air four-hour blocks of “classic” (by generation Y standards) Nickelodeon original content between the hours of midnight and 4 am.


Long Live the Polaroid


Although not as cool as the Polaroid camera I have sitting in my closet collecting dust and filled with “expired” film, there’s a new Polaroid on the block: the Polaroid 300 {mashable}.

I hope the kids are drawn to its ugly pink, bubbly exterior. Instant physical photos are fun. And I don’t care what the reviewers at Mashable say, the washed-out-in-direct-sunlight thing is part of the allure.