Long/ Live/ the/ Bobblehead

Issue #20 of my electric zine, “Long/ Live/ the/ Bobblehead” is here, and it’s the first-ever issue to feature a guest writer, my buddy Craig Schlanser!


It’s my first time doing a collaboration like this, with Craig doing the writing and I the drawing. It must be hard to do this sort of thing with a partner via the Interweb on a regular basis; Craig first wrote the story and sent it off to me, then I drew my part, sent it back, and published it – without much intervening communication. It’s a leap of faith on both ends, which makes it all-the-more exciting, eh?

but-first-bubble copy

Since it’s been awhile, I made a mix! It’s called “Summer’s not over ’till I say it is” and features music by the No Kids, Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, Nurses, and eight other great summer bands. Peruse the tracklist, download the mix {60MB zip file}, and please support the bands if you like their stuff.