My DIY Prius iPhone Windshield Mount Setup

I started looking for a DIY windshield mount for my Prius ever since I got an iPhone and started using Waze to get to work every day.

Prius navigation setup for my iPhone

I thought about buying a cheap iPhone case and gluing it to the suction cup-style mount I have from an old standalone GPS unit. For awhile, I was just wrapping the charging cord around the gear selector knob and hoping for the best.

But then it hit me, as I was admiring the contours of the Prius dashboard: I bet it could just fit right in there. (Insert “that’s what she said” joke here.)

DIY iPhone Prius windshield mount

And it does, quite handily, right next to the hybrid system monitor screen so you can keep your eyes on your road.

Here’s what you need:

  • Prius  (tested in a 2011 gray hatchback, the regular kind before all the “v” and “c” nonsense).
  • iPhone  (tested with a 4S).
  • iPhone case  (preferably a thin rubbery one); I use an Incase.

Thanks to the shape of the dash, I imagine a variety of different phones would work, but the square shape of the 4S makes it a cinch. You just slide the phone into a good location. I start from a point in the center where there’s plenty of room, then pull it toward me until I find a comfy spot. You want to slide it in far enough so it’ll be snug, but not far out enough where it could fall out if bumped. The important part is that the case allows for some friction between the dash and the phone, both for a snug fit and so you don’t end up scratching your dashboard.

Here’s what’s recommended:

I plug my iPhone charger into the 12V (cigarette-adapter style) charger located in the center console (underneath the front armrest), and then plug the cord extension into that. It reaches all the way to the dashboard, and tucks away neatly when you leave your car.

Plus, there’s the extra audio jack right in the center console.

iPhone DIY dashboard mounting solution for 2011 prius

Feel free to post your questions in the comments thread. And apologies for the image quality; it’s difficult when your good camera is in the shot itself!