DVD : Streaming :: Paper : Screens

Interesting read about the publishing industry’s transition from print to digital {nieman journalism lab}, using Netflix’s journey from DVD to streaming as a guiding light.

Netflix’s experience is early, and directional for news and consumer publishers. What Reed Hastings [Netflix CEO] is essentially saying is that once a company has figured out its route to digital business model success, it doesn’t want to dally, straddling too long the old and the new. That’s tough, expensive — time- and mind-sharing-consuming. Better to get on with the transition.

Imagine 2020, and the always-out-there-question: Will we still have print newspapers? Well, maybe, but imagine how much they’ll cost — $3 for a local daily? — and consumers will compare that to the “cheap” tablet pricing, and decide, just as they doing now are with Netflix, which product to take and which to let go.