R5 would be called something different if Sean Agnew lived in New Jersey

Great writeup on R5 founder Sean Agnew by local journalism webventure Flying Kite.

R5 has the best shows in Philly, so much so that lots of amazing artists (like Joanna Newsom) refuse to work with any other booker. At least that’s what I assume she indicated by having two back-to-back shows at the 1st Unitarian sanctuary as opposed to a bigger venue.

Semi-revealed in the piece is Agnew’s long-term plan to finally have their very own place for shows — rather than renting space from big venues, Unitarians or universities. The new space is on the hush-hush, probably until the details are ironed out. But Agnew’s basically portrayed as a chill guy with a mission to keep shows cheap and all-ages, a mission we can all get behind.