Wasted Resources

This NPR interview, whose title introduces a phrase I pray doesn’t take hold (An Evangelical Crusade to Go Green with God), presents an oblique acknowledgment of something I think is a plain misdirected use of power. By wasting so much political energy on anti-choice rhetoric and legislative battles regarding abortion, they’ve not only alienated potential allies on the left, but more importantly passed on the opportunity to broaden their influence, in areas like the economy, war, and the environment, which this interview addresses.

Why spend so much energy trying to outlaw a procedure that will continue to occur even if it’s outlawed? Is it really to “affirm a culture of life?” What’s the logical end to that argument? A “culture of death?” Don’t we already have one of those?

I suppose I might find answers to some of these questions in this book by Chris Hedges that’s waiting for me on my bedside table. But my hunch is that what started out as a genuine concern – an increase in the rate of abortion – was hijacked by Republicans to win elections, and has snowballed out of control from there.

It’s time for religion to reclaim ownership of the abortion issue, put it to rest, and put its moral weight behind far less polarizing, and much more helpful issues like war, the environment, and education.

UPDATE (7/28/10): The New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good is an organization that’s addressing many of these issues. They support legislation to address the climate crisis and support civil unions, among other issues traditionally classified as “progressive.” {via fresh air}