Google Street View: Contextualized

Cool new project from the Social Media Information Lab at Rutgers. It’s called the Beat:

[W]hat Google delivers in breadth, it loses in depth. The nature of the car camera technology means that all we see are exteriors passed by. Faces are blurred. We don’t really see people living their lives, so much as the backdrop against which they do so… [The Beat] mashes up geolocated, hashtagged Instagram photos with the Google Street View locations from which they were posed. In doing so, it provides the human foreground for these locations.

{via andrew sullivan}.

You can search using tags, too, which can get pretty interesting. Here are some of my favorite mashups from my time spent with it yesterday:

The Beat Instragram / Google Street View Mashup

The Beat Instragram / Google Street View Mashup

Instagram/Google Street View Mashup