Top 10 New Albums of 2012

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  1. 1. Shearwater — “Animal Joy”
  2. 2. Sun Airway — “Soft Fall”
  3. 3. Wild Nothing — “Nocturne”
  4. 4. Beach House — “Bloom” {mp3: “lazuli”}
  5. 5. Cat Power —”Sun” {mp3: “ruin”}
  6. 6. Bad Books — “II”
  7. 7. Hospitality — “Hospitality”
  8. 8. Sea Wolf — “Old World Romance”
  9. 9. Divine Fits — “A Thing Called Divine Fits”
  10. 10. Now, Now — “Threads”

Runners up: Kishi Bashi, Father John Misty, Sun Kil Moon, The Shins, Tallest Man on Earth.

See also: My Top 10 New Albums of 2010. (Sorry, 2011.)

Sun Airway {new music}

This Philadelphia-based band took awhile to grow on me. I wrote them off as another airy Beach House-esque band (nothing against Beach House), and didn’t really catch on to the melodies right away. The Pitchfork review backs me up:

Soft Fall, like its predecessor, refuses to give everything away at first; if you want to get close, well, you’ve got some work to do. If you don’t, that’s cool, too: Soft Fall just works, whether as a dazzling display of sumptuous synthetic ambience, rich, romantic pop, and quite a few points in between.

Or something.

Now I’m obsessed. This is one of my favorite cuts from their latest album, Soft Fall {spotify}, but “Soft Fall” and “Wild Palms” are close runners-up.

I’m looking forward to their upcoming show at Johnny Brenda’s, the very venue they played their first show in, two and-a-half years ago.

Also of note: the record was mixed by David Wrench of a band I posted a couple weeks ago: Bat for Lashes {this blog}.


Sun Airway — “Close” {aac}.