The Concretes

Lots of foreign acts for you lately. First the Australian band Tame Impala. Then it was the Swedish band Sambassadeur.

Now it’s another band from that very same northern European country: The Concretes. I don’t have their newest record yet, 2010’s WYWH {spotify}, but it’s probably good, right?

UPDATE FIVE MINUTES LATER: OK, actually I’m listening to it now and it’s kind of weird. You’ve been warned.

Also check out their Daytrotter session from last summer. It’s good, probably.

Anyway, here’s one of my favorite’s from 2006’s semi-self titled The Concretes in Colour {spotify}.

The Concretes — “Sunbeams” {mp3}

Sambassadeur {new music}

Sambassadeur at Club AC30

Sambassadeur at Club AC30 {flickr user acb; used under creative commons}

Just got back from my second rainy nighttime bike ride in a row. Seemed like a fitting night to post this melancholy song from Swedish band Sambassadeur, from their self-titled 2005 release {spotify}.

Sambassadeur — “If Rain” {mp3}.

An Airbag for your Head

What recent Swedish invention costs $450, comes in a variety of styles, can be used only once and inflates upon impact?

If you guessed Hövding’s inflatable bicycle helmet, you’re correct! It’s designed for all those fussy cyclists out there who like their brains but love their hair. The helmet has a built-in motion sensor and inflates in a fraction of a second, protecting your head from a nasty fall.

Check out the promo:

But what happens if you land on an open box of thumbtacks or a pointy rock? {via the huff po}