Portlandia on Portland

Fascinating article with Carrie Brownstein about Portland, prompted by Portlandia’s season two debut…  but the interview quickly gets to the actual town and the pervasiveness of the characters there.

…We’ve reached a tipping point of an ideological sameness — like Brooklyn, Portland and Silver Lake don’t seem that different. There’s sort of pop culture and this kind of niche culture. They have a similar broad appeal. One person goes to a city and looks for a Starbucks, the other person goes to a city and looks for a Stumptown (Coffee) or something close to it. Both those people exist and both can be satisfied in almost any part of the country. You can go to St. Louis and find a coffee shop that most resembles your Brooklyn coffee shop. It’s an aesthetic, a taste, a lifestyle.

The Portlandia Guide to Portland {salon}.

I have my doubts that Television Nostalgia is a real thing

Not sayin’ I won’t watch, but I do think the term “nostalgia” should have some limits.

Without further ado:

Look alive Kenan and Kel fans, the TeenNick cable network is bringing back favorites from the 1990s to the airwaves beginning Monday.

TeenNick, one of many networks under the Nickelodeon brand name, will air four-hour blocks of “classic” (by generation Y standards) Nickelodeon original content between the hours of midnight and 4 am.