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If you like stories about failed ice cream brands you'll love this

Semi-famous Brooklyn-based ice cream brand Ample Hills went from $19 million in total investments and 17 stores (including one in Disney World) — to bankruptcy in just a few years.

It's mostly a story about bad management. But it's also a story about how the allure of an ice cream factory is so strong you forget to keep track of how much stuff costs?

A former employee says...

Ample Hills began a pattern of aggressively opening new shops while the old ones languished [in 2014]. As freezers broke or fuses blew “we would have to throw away massive amounts of ice cream."

"They were all very simple things that could have been fixed or addressed. But they would say, ‘Oh, we just opened Chelsea so we have to put money into that shop.’” According to employees, the shops almost always were over budget and failed to meet ambitious targets. Smith doesn’t dispute that they prioritized expansion. “If something is working but just not working as well as it could, and your focus is on growth, then yeah, you’re going to make some of those mistakes,” he says.

Full story here.


February 11, 2021


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