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music rec: Balthazar

I have the windows open in my apartment right now and the wind is coming through super strong. It's the first (ok maybe 2nd) Friday night of spring 2021 where the weather is inarguably T-SHIRT WEATHER.

Anyway the band Balthazar is playing just a tad too loud in the living room right now and it's the perfect mix of beats, guitar, falsetto but also baritone vocals for the moment.

Anyway I'm not a writer just listen to this thing. Their new album is called Sand and it's Apple Music and Spotify.

I recommend starting with the track You won't come around.

Oh and they're from Belgium that's cool right?

I'd be remiss to not point out that Balthazar is also a restaurant in Soho.

Not sure if I'm using remiss correctly.


March 26, 2021


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