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Bicycles are for Weddings

This post is about BMINUS, a bicycle apparel company I once ran. Information below is now out of date.Many slightly nervous soon-to-be-newly-weds ask me if I have a customized version of my Bicycles are for Lovers design.Being the love supporting type, I am happy to oblige. I start with the original design:


And add a top hat for the gentleman, and a veil and bouquet for the lady. Naturally, the gentleman is on the front so he can steer while taking orders from the back.


It's a two-step screen printing process. First I print the bottom half, with just the bike and the people on it. Then I let the paint dry, and line up the top hat and veil into position over the people. Since the first part has to be dry before the second part gets lined up, they're printed one at a time. Hence the $24.99 price tag.Here's a closeup of the second screen, painted by hand:


This design can be printed on t-shirts, tote bags, or on the walls of your living room. We recommend the former two. For more, check out the b minus web store. Bulk discounts are available!

design copy


September 11, 2010


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