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"Caution: Contents May Be Hot"

The new HBO documentary Hot Coffee explores the myths behind the infamous McDonald’s hot coffee lawsuit. The version of the story most of us know is, as Brooke Gladstone posits: “simply not true.” In fact, it was part of a PR push to discourage individuals from suing big business.McDonald’s aside, lawyer-turned-director Susan Saladoff has a bigger axe to grind, as she tells us toward the end of the interview:

I practiced law for twenty-five years and I saw for all of those years how difficult it was for people to get justice because the system is totally rigged against the average person. And most people didn’t get it until they needed it, until they were effected personally. Then when they needed the system and they realized, “oh my, the system isn’t there for me,” I just got angry and I wanted the truth to come out.

{via On The Media}And here's the trailer:[youtube]


July 11, 2011


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