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Couple coronavirus links for you

1. sad but well done nyt thing

It is an odd thing to keep one’s distance in a place where strangers’ lives are meant to intertwine in fantastic and untidy ways. Where public spaces like Grand Central Terminal and Penn Station draw in people from a thousand different origins. Where you live because you want, in many ways, to brush up against this city’s peculiar rhythms.

2. Can my son get more worksheets before the world ends? {mcsweeneys}

We are here desperately trying to balance our own end-of-the-world planning with ensuring sufficient attention to all of the common core benchmarks, and I think it’s absolutely critical that before the food supply dries up and we no longer have access to clean water, my son can effectively multiply fractions with different denominators and identify the passive voice in a short nonfiction passage.

I am extremely concerned that he will not be in the highest reading group for his age when we get to the afterlife following a gruesome, painful demise thanks to the lack of enough medical supplies and hospital beds — so a new list of spelling words is really beyond necessary by the end of the day, and if you could include some prompts for expository writing exercises, that would be great, too.


April 1, 2020


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