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Decode DC {new podcast}

Great new podcast from NPR veteran Andrea Seabrook: Decode DC.Produced in a partnership with Mule Design (creators of Evening Edition), the new podcast aims to cut through the "he-said she-said bullshit" and cover what's really going on in Congress—and, more importantly—what's not going on or being talked about.The production style of Decode DC owes a nod to This American Life; the first episode—"The House of (Mis)representatives"—features Ben Solee's "A Few Honest Words" intertwined with the interviews and reporting, and old-timey music plays when the narrative turns into a history lesson. It looks like they have the technical crew, the funding, and the access to make this thing a really worthwhile endeavor. I'll leave you with a quotation from a recent profile, Andrea Seabrook: From NPR to podcasting, hoping to invigorate congressional reporting {neiman journalism lab}.

In my wildest dreams, I would love to hear that some reporters and some listeners thought about politics and government in a different way. If listeners think to themselves, “I shouldn’t buy into that just because I agree with one party most of the time. It doesn’t mean they’re right about this one thing.” The parties have managed to channel that within their loyalists. They’re manipulating you. They are manipulating you. That is what they are doing. If I could get people to just pay attention to the issues, and forget the politics, I think we as Americans would gain power. We take power back by refusing to be brand loyal to one party or another.

Check out the podcast here.[wp_ad_camp_4]


September 21, 2012


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