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Dropping caffeine

I don't want to give up coffee.I love the taste, the routine, the caffeine. But I want to give life without an addiction a try, even though I'll probably be back. Even writing this makes me skeptical about the whole endeavor. Almost everyone I know is a coffee drinker; how bad is it really? It seems that every six months a new study comes out that says coffee is innocuous in moderation and even good for you, only to be contradicted by a different study the next month that shows how coffee is unhealthy.Nevertheless, I've outlined a plan for giving it up. It starts with an immediate reduction in caffeine intake, but in a small way. By the end of six months, I should be off the bean for good.

So there you have it. What are your thoughts on caffeine addiction? Have you ever tried to give it up?


January 3, 2011


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