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Eat like the locals

Found this cool site via Product Hunt last week:

This is not a complete list of dishes of the world, this is a list of friends and their personal tastes and recommendations 🤝. This project have [sic] let us also reconnect with old friends that we hadn’t talked to for a long time, and of course, had [sic] made us wish to travel [sic] to all the countries we haven’t visited yet! Thank you so much to everyone for collaborating and putting your effort into this blog. Keep always travelling and eating 😋🍪

Try What to Eat In here and don't miss the "what to eat in the USA" section.See also: more travel tips and my posts about Conflict Kitchen – the Pittsburgh restaurant that served food from countries the US is.. unfriendly towards.Image courtesy Hideya Hamano {flickr}. Used under the Creative Commons.


March 5, 2019


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