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Friday link list

1. Lessons Learned from the Lance Armstrong Scandal {talk of the nation}.

He specifically said many times, I'm doing this clean. No one else can do this. They have to be on drugs. And he exploited his cancer to get people's sympathy. He said, I would never hurt my body by putting drugs in it. I overcame cancer. It's just so crass, what he did. It's so crass and arrogant and self-centered. It's - to me, it's really shocking that he could pull the wool over everyone's eyes, including himself, as to what a good person he seemed to be. —from call-in listener Christine.

2. Why K-Pop is Taking over the World {planet money}.

Music is an export, just like anything else. And, as with other exports, businesses in lots of other countries are fighting for their share of the global market. They want people all around to world to be listening to their music. And they're figuring out how to make it happen.

3. Pinning Your Emotions {andrew sullivan}.

Therapists often run into a curious problem during treatment: Clients aren’t very good at describing their emotions. How exactly do you express the nature of your depression? So this spring, relationship counselor Crystal Rice hit upon a clever idea. She had her clients use Pinterest, the popular picture-pinning social network, to create arrays of images that map out their feelings. It’s a brilliant epiphany: While emotions can be devilishly difficult to convey in words, they’re often very accessible via pictures.


October 19, 2012


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