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Friday Tab Dump #56: February 15 2019

Friday tab dump

Click to add title: Making a better pitch deck {track changes podcast}I learned more about giving a presentation from this podcast than I did during a whole public speaking class I took at NYU.*

How do you make a purposeful, beautiful, even entertaining deck? Years of appealing to large clients has taught Paul and Rich a thing or two about creating a cogent presentation. In this episode, the two expound some of their knowledge; balancing words with images, the density of your information, understanding your audience and your message, and the power of great design.

*Yeah, the NYU class was not very good.Amazon pulls out of planned New York City headquarters {nyt}I'm kinda bummed about this — think it would've been good for the tech industry in NYC. But... not that it needs help. Or that Amazon should get tax breaks other companies don't. Or that Amazon won't increase hiring in NYC anyway.Here’s a good take from Twitter:


February 15, 2019


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