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Hey just fyi you should prob get the Square Cash card if you go to coffee shops a lot

Square — the company that took mobile payments to the mainstream with their headphone-jack dongle reader that only people at flea markets still use — has a bunch of other products too.

One of those products is Square Cash — a way to send money to your friends with an app.They also have a Cash Card, which is just a debit card linked to your Cash account. It's black and has a custom signature on the front. (You create the signature with your finger when you sign up for the card in the app.Here's a pic:

The cool thing about Cash Card is the Boosts, which give you instant savings on things. Like $1 off any time you buy something at a coffee shop. Since I started using the Cash Card at my go-to coffee shop every morning back in November 2018, I've saved almost $100. That's crazy.It's like getting 33% cash back.More about the card and how to sign up here {the verge}.


May 18, 2019


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