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News; Coffee; Elvis Costello; Woods

I was hoping to get a post together about my quest to give up on news for you today, but I ran out of writing energy. I'm blaming it on my coffee cutback.Instead I'm just going to post some of the tunes I've been into so far this year.I've been in a major Elvis Costello mood since reading Nick Paumgarten's piece on the guy in the New Yorker a few issues back. Nick traces Costello's career, illuminating his references and roots, in an entertaining story strung together through interviews by himself and others over the years. Here's a track from 1997, when his influence was closer to ska than Hank Williams.Elvis Costello — "(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes" {My Aim Is True

}I've also been preparing for next month's Woods show:Woods — "Rain On" {Songs of Shame}


January 19, 2011


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