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Jumbling Towers {new music}

This post is part of my ongoing series, Writing about Music Badly in the Hopes that I'll Get Better at it Sometime.The singer of Jumbling Towers sounds like the Joker, spilling out lyrics and quickly reeling them back in.Information about the band is difficult to find, as evidenced by the cryptic "About the Band" page on their Facebook page:

Jumbling Towers is a musical outfit from St. Louis, MO. A former subsidiary of Money Buckets, LLC, Jumbling Towers has been selling musical entertainment and related merchandise since 2006. Their products have received various reviews, drawing descriptors such as "eerie" and "off-kilter".

Here's one of the more mellow tracks:

[mejsaudio src=""]

Jumbling Towers — "At the Cashier's Station" {mpthree}.

From Jungle's Going to Be on My Mind {spotify}.


March 27, 2013


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