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Music rec: Sego

I saw this band Sego at my favorite music venue last week and they put on a good show. Their music doesn't really fit into a genre but I guess you could call it rock/alternative.The lead singer does the talk-singing thing, and a lot of the songs utilize the synthesizer. The lyrics are kind of detached irony, but it all works together to produce a compelling sound that's not quite like anything else out there.The band is from LA but they met in Utah which you would know if you're familiar with Utah because it's a ghost town in Grand County and also the name of their state flower.Here's a song from their new album, Sego Sucks:

Sego Sucks by Sego

And another one from their 2016 album, Once was lost now just hanging around:

Once Was Lost Now Just Hanging Around by Sego

Listen more: Apple Music / Spotify / Bandcamp.Picture above taken at the show.


May 12, 2019


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