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Music Recap

Lots of good stuff to share! I'm also gonna try a new thing; unprofound descriptions of the bands I write about in sixty characters or so. Let's go!From my favorite record so far this year...Shearwater — "Open Your Houses" {mp3}.From Animal Joy

{amazon}. [audio]Twee pop from Denmark à la the Lucksmiths...Northern Portrait — "Life Returns to Normal" {mp3}.From Criminal Art Lovers

{amazon}.[audio]Phoenix meets Twin Shadow at 80s night hosted by John Britt Daniel...White Rabbit — "Hold it to the Fire" {mp3}.From Milk Famous

{amazon}.[audio]Led by a multi-instrumentalist from Beirut & the Arcade Fire...Bright Moments — "Travelers" {mp3}.From Natives

{amazon}.[audio]Wasn't a fan of this genre until I discovered Hank Williams... Deep Dark Woods — "Sugar Mama" {mp3}.From Place I Left Behind



April 16, 2012


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