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New music rec: Gordi

Remember when we could go outside with reckless abandon and see shows in tiny venues??? ha haa ha ha ha i do

One of those times I saw this band Gordi (led by Sophie Payten) open for Tallest Man on Earth at Baby's All Right and she was very good and so is her new album, Our Two Skins.

I don't really know how to classify or compare her music but she has a unique voice and it sounds very good against the simple guitar, bass, and percussion compositions that make up this album. The music is simple but compelling. The sound by itself is enough to make this album great, even if you don't listen to the lyrics or otherwise engage with it beyond the surface level. But when you do start to engage with the songs and the emotional space they came from, those same pretty yet brooding songs take on a whole other meaning.

Here's something from her site that gets at what I'm talking about:

Written in 20 anxious minutes on that lonely plane to an isolated six weeks in Europe, Payten penned album opener Aeroplane Bathroom. “It’s like all the adrenaline of the last two months just dropped away and I had a little nervous breakdown, “says Payten, “thinking about all these big changes. I was seeing my life that I thought was evolving in one direction is now evolving in this other direction.” The song and record open with a question: “Do you see yourself unravelling?”

Here's one of my favorite tracks from the new album, "Unready"

Listen to the whole album on apple / spotify / bandcamp

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Photo above taken from her site.


July 6, 2020


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