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New music rec: Louis Prince

Louis Prince

I have a super soft spot for the glorious mix of musical elements that are the falsetto, drums, and synthesizers.

I could over-analyze it and say my love of this mini-genre has something to do with being exposed to bands like the Cars and The Cure and DEVO in my formative music-listening years, mixed with a couple of decades of compulsory church attendance and the high, lofty octaves of the choir therein...

But really I just like what I like, and maybe music is one area of life you should just let yourself sit back and enjoy without judgement, you know? Whether it brings you joy or sorrow — music is all about how it moves you!

Anyway the music of Jake McMullen, who goes by the stage name of Louis Prince, is freaking great. The influences present on his new album, Thirteen, span a crazy-wide range of styles — from jazz and 80s rock, to soul and soft, intricate guitar of Grizzly Bear's best songs.

Here's one of my favorite tracks from the new album, and one that demonstrates the range of styles across the record:

Thirteen by Louis Prince

This quip about the album on Rough Trade speaks to one of the reasons I like this so much right now:

Pushing back against the modern convention of singles-based releases, Thirteen is an album in the classic sense, with a beginning, middle and end and a central theme. Exploring the human struggle of fear in the face failure and the role of friendship in maintaining sanity, Thirteen is a search for catharsis in the midst of the madness, the sadness and the hope of life.

Listen to Thirteen on Apple Music or Spotify or bandcamp.

See also:

image above taken from his facebook page


April 27, 2020


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