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Pittsburgh, PA

pittsburgh skyline 2010

I spent the past few days in Pittsburgh, visiting the fam and checking in on the city.We went to the Warhol, my favorite gallery period. They had a two-floor Marilyn Monroe exhibit, and a bigger video room than I remember seeing there on my last visit. My favorite was Fight, which was a hilarious dramatization of bickering punctuated by a blind man looking for a quarter on the floor. I also watched Andy talk on the phone to a friend for a few minutes. (The personal camcorder had just been released, which sparked his taping of the mundane.) It struck me as a poignant parody of today's smart phone craze - a device that enables us to record photos and videos wherever we are. I'm not insinuating that his generation was void of narcism and unaware of technology's evolving ability to document the innane, but I do think it's fascinating that the observations and commentary of Warhol's work thirty years ago only gets more reflective as time passes.We tried to go to Conflict Kitchen, the restaurant concept I heard about on NPR a few months ago, but they were closed for the holidays.We always joke that the city is stuck in the 90s, but our visit to the American Apparel and Apple stores forced me to up it to 2003.


December 29, 2010


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