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Podcast rec: Didn't See It Don't Need To

This is one of my favorite new podcasts. If the conceit isn't enough to pull you in, you're not hooked up right.

It's called Didn't See It Don't Need To [Overcast link] and it's hosted by Sarah Miller who is a very funny writer and another person (Joshua Clover) with whom I am not familiar but whose voice is very nice.

Here's the show description:

This is a free podcast from The Real Sarah Miller in which Joshua Clover and I do not see movies and then discuss not having seen them. So many people are out there seeing movies that aren’t worth seeing and discussing them when they could just go swimming or pet an animal or check how many Twitter followers Zendaya’s dad has. We have disrupted this nonsense by NOT SEEING movies and discussing anyway, very briefly.

I recommend starting with the episode on Dune, which is only 16 minutes long and very funny.

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January 6, 2022


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