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Recommended listening: Naval Ravikant on "The Knowledge Project" podcast

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This crazy-long (2 hrs) podcast with entrepreneur (AngelList) and deep thinky guy Naval Ravikant is well worth a listen. It covers "habits, decision-making, mental models, and life," as the show notes helpfully describe.My big takeaway was his advice for reading books and their relationship to blogs. He thinks the reading habits blogs tend to inspire—i.e. skimming—is a healthy thing. It's even how he suggests we read books: jump around, mine them for the good stuff, and skip what's irrelevant.That part is pretty radical to me, as someone who is religiously devoted to finishing every last page even though that seems kind of stupid when you think about it.His take on most business and self-help books really resonated with me though. He said most of them have one good idea that takes up about 25 pages, and the rest is anecdotes that support the idea.That is so true.Couple other things to absorb:

Listen to it here (official site), Overcast, mp3, or iTunes.p.s. Naval is a great follow on Twitter.Image taken from podcast art without permission.


March 7, 2018


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