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Lonely Menus and a Gouache Carrot

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1: They Draw & Cook is a fantastic collection of illustrated recipes, (mostly) contributed from other artistic cooks!

2: Conflict Kitchen {npr} is a new restaurant/experimental art concept out of Pittsburgh, that's trying to add a little culinary diversity to the city and change the world at the same time. It's a small Kitchen with a menu of one: an Iranian kubideh wrap sandwich at the moment. New items may be added to the menu as the U.S. adds nations to its Naughty List.Daron Christopher, a recent customer of the Kitchen, had this to say about the kitchen concept:

People have a negative image of a lot of countries based on the leadership in that country. I think what they are doing here is promoting the idea that what's more important is the people, customs and culture and that sort of thing.

If Conflict Kitchen is a success, I hope that we'll see more types of projects like this...


July 7, 2010


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