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Smith Westerns {new music}

Smith Westerns

from flickr user "georgia hinaris" | used under the creative commons

Heard a song by this Chicago-based band on the Current Song of the Day podcast this week and picked up their new record that same day.They have the ambient, floaty sound of Beach House, with the old-school guitar sound of Wild Nothing. Good stuff.Or, as Wikipedia would put it:

Their musical influences include David Bowie, T. Rex and Oasis.

Whatever guys.Here's one of my favorite cuts from the new album. Click the link above to hear another song, "Varsity."

Smith Westerns — "Idol" {mp3}[mejsaudio src=""]

From the album Soft Will {spotify}.Also check out the top songs of the summer {npr} dating back all the way to 1962. Definitely good more for nostalgia than the music.


July 7, 2013


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