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boring story about my car but it's illustrated so maybe it's worth your time?

I took my car to get detailed yesterday because it had these little rusty water stains on it.

The stains came from rain that would come from the leaky roof of the parking garage I used to keep it in.

Since I don't like my car getting stained while it sits in a garage that's ostensibly there to keep it safe from stuff like rusty rain water, I moved it to the garage right next door.

The new garage is very clean and new and seemingly well sealed.

But every time I saw the stains, I was reminded of that other garage and the patronizing manager who said they weren't responsible for damage to cars that park there.

First, I tried getting the car washed but it didn't remove the stains.

Then, I looked up car detailing places on Yelp and found a place in Bushwick with 5 stars and photos of well-groomed Lamborghinis. I took the car there yesterday.

I walked around Bushwick for a few hours while I waited for the car to be ready.

I came across the white version of the second car I owned. My 240 was gray, but other than that this looks to be the same year (1988).

I got a tofu + mushroom burger at a Japanese place that was open for indoor dining. There was only one other person there, and they were far away from me.

I drew a photo of some birch sticks they had as décor, and one of the ceiling lamps.

On my walk back to pickup the car, I came across this bit of graffiti on the sidewalk:

I appreciate the economy of the spelling. Feel like it should be GZUS - but whatever.


I got the car back and it looks great. No more rust stains.

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March 7, 2021


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